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Off-Grid Inverters


What is an Off-Grid Inverter?

Inverters are devices that turn direct current (DC) electricity to usable alternating current (AC) electricity. An off-grid inverter is specially designed to work without the grid as a backup. The off-grid inverter pulls the energy the building's battery system instead of the grid or solar panels. The solar panels only function in an off-grid system is to charge the battery system. 

Magnum Inverters


Magnum Energy Inverters

Solar Energy Systems prefers Magnum Energy inverters and inverter products. Magnum Energy offers a wide variety of inverters and a fully integrated system with an MPPT Controller, auto-gen start, and battery and online monitoring. Solar Energy Systems is one of the few Magnum Authorized Inverter Service Centers in the country. We can repair or replace Magnum inverters within just a few business days. 

Magnum Inverter Features

  • Modified and Pure Sine Wave
  • Hybrid inverter allows generator and battery power to be used at the same time. 
  • Available in 12, 24, and 48 volt configurations
  • Power factor corrected (PFC) charger: uses 25-30% less energy than standard chargers. 
  • Easy to repair: can be repaired in the field or in our Magnum Energy Authorized Inverter Service Center.
  • 5 year warranty

Outback Inverters


Outback Inverters

Outback is another top quality inverter company that offers flexible, easily upgraded inverters that typically feature a one-type fits all model. 

Outback Features

  • Single-phase 120V or 230V sinewave output in 12V, 24V, or 48V versions
  • Programmable for seven different modes with generator assist
  • Modular, stackable design for up to 9 inverters in three-phase 
  • Up to 93% operating efficiency
  • Field upgradable software
  • Standard 5-year warranty with optional 10-year