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Battery Systems


Battery Back Up

A battery backup system is a great way to secure your home or business in case of a power outage!

A battery system can serve as a backup power source in case the power goes out. If the inverter discovers that the power is lost, it will automatically switch to the battery system and keep your power running for as long as your batteries last. We have businesses who installed enough batteries to keep their business running for an entire day!

Battery Types



Lithium-ion batteries are the highest quality batteries on the market. Why lithium? 

  • 10X longer lifespan than lead-acid
  • Automatic built in battery protection: won't let the battery discharge too much, causing damage.
  • Charge can safely drop to about 20% without damaging the battery.
  • Faster recharging 
  • 99% efficient
  • Longer run time
  • No maintenance
  • Less weight
  • No corrosion

Lithium batteries are also much safer than other batteries because they have no battery acid, no risk of explosion, and have built-in safety features. 


AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)

AGM batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries that require no maintenance. AGM batteries are sealed, which means they will not leak battery acid and do not require the regular upkeep of lead-acid batteries. AGM batteries costs are mid-range and they will last longer than a poorly maintained, regular lead-acid battery.  AGM batteries still suffer from some of the same problems as flooded lead acid battery. They will break down quickly if the charge goes below 50% repeatedly.   



Lead-acid batteries are your standard batteries. They are relatively inexpensive, but require regular maintenance and upkeep. They run the risk of corroding and leaking, and they can breakdown if the charge falls too low. Lead-acid batteries are heavy, take up space, and will require replacement a few times over the life of a solar system.