RV Systems & Services

Why decide to install a RV solar system?

Stop letting electricity determine when and where you stop when you travel. Go boondocking stress-free and get the most out of your RV experience. Solar Energy Systems will take the time to design a system that is perfect for you and your RV needs!

How does RV solar work?

RV solar is simple! Solar panels, installed on the roof of the RV, generate electricity and charge your batteries. A charge controller is installed between your solar panels and batteries to maximize the amount of electricity going from your panels to your batteries. Your batteries send the electricity through your inverter to convert it to usable AC for your appliances.

Click here to view our RV Solar Brochure with everything you need to know about RV Solar!

Benefits of RV solar:

  • Run your RV appliances without the need for shore power or a generator
  • Increase the lifespan of your expensive RV batteries by keeping them charged with solar panels
  • Sleep better at night by turning off your noisy generator
  • Reduce air and noise pollution
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit on all solar systems

Our services:

  • Magnum Energy Authorized Repair Center
  • Solar Panel Installation/Repair
  • Battery Installation
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Inverter Repair
  • Electronic Diagnosis

How do I size a system?

By using an off-grid sizing chart, we can evaluate your needs. Once we have that established, we will determine how many panels would work best for you and your RV.

How we install RV solar systems:

First, we will sit down with you and discuss what your goals for solar are. We will need to know what critical loads need run and how often. Second, we will need to see what roof space we are working with. We understand that are all coaches are different, that is why we take the time to customize each system for you.

Each panel is securely placed on the roof and attached with stainless steel fasteners. We use a lifetime sealant to ensure there is no leaking. Additionally, where wires are sent through the roof to the batteries, we place them under a stainless steel box that also utilizes the lifetime sealant and stainless steel fasteners.