Warranty Information

We repair all models on Magnum Inverters. Period.

No matter the problem, big or small, we can repair your inverter. Not in the area? No problems! Just send it in and we fix it and mail it back to you! We stock most Magnum replacement parts and can have your inverter ready to go, usually within 24 hours!

I need to send my Magnum Inverter in for service. What must I do?

If you need to send your Magnum Inverter in to be repaired, please start by filling out the RMA form below or call us at 574-773-0546. Our technicians will be happy to help you with all of your needs.

What is the warranty on my Magnum Inverter?

Magnum Energy announces a five-year system warranty for our inverters and accessories when purchased with either a MMP or MP panel system (effective 1/1/2012).

The limited warranty for a complete Magnum Energy System is now five years – beginning from the product’s original date of purchase – if it was ordered with and installed on one of Magnum’s MMP or MP panel systems. The five-year system warranty covers panels, inverters, remotes, and accessories with a proof-of-purchase showing that the Magnum products and the MMP or MP panel system were purchased at the same time.

Note: All other warranty terms and conditions noted in the limited warranty still apply.