Solar FlexRack Series G3L

Pick your preference

Solar Developers and EPCs demand choices and continued innovation to maintain their leadership position. The Pre-assembled G3L Ground Rack provides substantial labor savings in the field on projects with high labor rates or challenging site conditions by arriving on the jobsite as an assembled system. In addition to the pre-assembled G3L, Solar FlexRack also offers a field assembled G3-X system enabling Solar FlexRack to stand alone as the only racking company able to provide you with these options.

Reduced labor

The G3L is our most efficient landscape racking system. The vertical and horizontal rails of the SFR G3L ship to the site as one, completely pre-assembled unit and is unfolded and set up in a matter of minutes, substantially reducing labor costs and minimizing loose components and hardware. The G3L is installed at less than one cent per watt.

Intelligent design

The FlexRack Series G3L is a custom engineered, all-steel racking solution designed to accommodate any environmental loading conditions with bracing and built-in tolerances for durability and adjustability. Handling multiple landscape array configurations, the FlexRack Series G3L is compatible with any string size, and offers an integrated wire management system. Additionally, module mounting to the vertical rails significantly increases snow shedding. Coupled with a 20-year warranty, the FlexRack Series G3L is the first choice for challenging project sites.

Seamless flexibility

The G3L product is a perfect fit for projects with increased labor rates or challenging site conditions. The pre-assembly of the system limits additional loose components in the field and material handling that can lead to lost parts on site or improper installation.


Solar FlexRack is a product of Northern States Metals, a full service manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. With over 1GW of installed capacity Solar FlexRack has the experience and sustainability to be a reliable partner for your next successful solar project. The G3L series also comes standard with a 20-year warranty.

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